Rules of Conduct


  1. Safety must come first and above all else.

If you are working, drilling or rolling you must place your partner’s safety above everything else. If it is either lose a match or hurt someone? You lose.

Control must come first. Any submission is to be applied slowly while giving your partner plenty of time to tap out.

If you find yourself in jeopardy, tap out.  This is practice, tap out, move on and try again.

  1. No taunting or trash talking allowed

The other people in class are your teammates.

  1. No Anger allowed.
  2. No Ego’s
  3. Bow in and out of the floor
  4. No Shoes allowed on the floor
  5. If any instructor is demonstrating be quiet and pay attention
  6. No Horse Play
  7. For bow out, Adults by rank first, then kids by rank
  8. Be respectful of your teammates.
  9. Be respectful of Instructors
  10. Be respectful of your school
  11. Be respectful of yourself
  12. No Jewelry
  13. No Gum


Violations of the above will result in verbal correction, partial suspension from class, suspension from the full class, suspension for one month and up to full expulsion.

The infractions will be dealt with based upon the degree, severity and frequency of the offense as deemed by your Head Instructor.

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