Instructor: Brad McCrillis


Mr. McCrillis holds a Purple Belt under Professor Pablo A. Castro, III.  Also a 3rd Dan Black Belt under Sensei Jeff Bowen, and a 2nd Brown Belt under Master Louis Lannum.

A few of my beliefs for training: 

Although this is an individual sport there is still a team dynamic. We are here to help each other to become better. This is a process that feeds itself over time. If you make your teammates better, they will be tougher for you to defeat which will force you to become better.

Always think of your teammate’s safety. Never risk injuring someone over a meaningless practice match.

Be willing to risk losing by trying that new move. Or by putting yourself in a bad position to see if you can work out of it. Practice is for getting better, tournaments are for winning and playing your A game.

Tournaments are not a requirement. Competing or not competing is a personal choice.

Win or lose, I never want to be able to tell the result from your actions, or by the look on your face. This is a tough sport/art. You are going to lose a lot!

Try to leave each class feeling confident in one move.  If I have moved on to the next move and you are still having issues with the previous move I would prefer that you keep working on that 1st technique. I would rather you have one thing that you felt really good with.

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