Class Structure:



    Class run time is 90 minutes.


    We start with a warm up. This may be line drills such as shrimping or elbow escapes, forward and backward rolls, spider walks and partner carries. We may also pair up and work on a specific technique as a drill. This can be something like guard passes or sweeps.


    After the warm up we will split into groups and work on specific techniques as demonstrated by the instructor working with your group. In a typical class you will not see any more than three or four techniques. This is by design so that you can spend time learning each technique.


    Technique work will last approximately 45 minutes. If you need to grab a quick drink or bathroom break please do so after any technique is demonstrated. This will help the classes pace as when you return someone will not have to take extra time to show you the technique personally.


    After technique work you can grab a drink or bathroom break. We will go into the 30 minutes of rolling (sparring).This will consist of two different type of rolling. Either king of the hill or timed rounds


    King of the hill is played as the first person to score points stays in. If you have won four straight matches however, let someone else hold the position. Timed round are for the full time. If someone taps simply reset and start again.


    Following rolling we will line up as a class and bow out.


    Kids nine years old and up are allowed to use submissions. We do teach the techniques to kids younger than nine; however they are not allowed to use these in live rolling.

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